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Micropterix carthaginiensis Heath, 1986

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Micropterix carthaginiensis Heath, 1986: 24-25, fig. 10, 11
Type locality: Tunisia, Djebel Bou Kournine
Type: Holotype : Tunisia, Djebel Bou Kournine, 7 km SE of Hammam Lif, 100 m, 22.IV.1980, E. van Nieukerken, G. Bryan & P. Oosterbroek; genitalia preparation J. Heath no. 441; in coll. ZMA

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Description of adults: Examined: Original description by Heath (1986). Forewing length: 2.7 - 3.0 mm, 3.0 - 4.0 mm. "Head golden yellow; antenna golden fuscous. Thorax bronzy golden; tegulae purple. Forewing dark bronzy golden, dorsally irrorate purple, costally bronzy purple; a large elongate central spot at one-third, a curving median fascia, sometime broken, broader at costa than at dorsum and a large central spot at three quarters, golden yellow; cilia bronzy fuscous. Hindwing fuscous purplish tinged; cilia golden fuscous. Abdomen golden fuscous."


Following Heath (1986), the species is only known from Tunisia, where it occurs in the marshland on the southern shore of Garaet Achkel and at the type locality Djebel Bou Kournine.


The species has been found in marshland, but also in a dry habitat on limestone hills, where the imagines were swarming around flowers of Cistus monspeliensis. The adults have been found on the wing in late April (Heath 1986).

Stages in development:

The early stages are unknown.


Picture from: © Heath 1986, modified
Detailed view

Genitalia. "Uncus very short, fused with tegumen; accessory clasper broad with a dense series of very long, stout, L-shaped setae on margin. Valva curved, very attenuate medially, with a long double row of short stout setae towards distal end, a row of five long, stout setae at distal end, a terminal row of thin setae, and a basal series of long, thin setae, all on inner surface." (Heath 1986).

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Heath, J. 1986. The Micropterigid fauna of north Africa (Lepidoptera, Zeugloptera). Entomologistīs Gazette 37:17-32, 126

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