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Micropterix conjunctella Heath, 1986

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Micropterix conjunctella Heath, 1986: 25-26, fig. 12, 13
Type locality: Algeria, Philippeville [=Skikda]
Type: Holotype : Algeria, Phlippeville, 3.V.1904, Walsingham, 97823; genitalia preparation J, Heath no. 329; in coll. BMNH

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, HOLOTYPE: Algeria, Philippeville (Skikda), 1904.05.03, leg. Walsingham, in coll. NHM, London      
Picture from: © Zeller Christof (modified)
Detailed view

Scheme of wing pattern:

Description of adults: Examined: Original description by Heath (1986). Forewing length: 3.2 mm, 3.4 - 3.6 mm. "Head golden yellow, antenna bronzy fuscous. Thorax golden, tegulae purple. Forewing bronzy purple with a curved fascia at one-quarter very broad dorsally, narrower costally, sometime connected along costa with a fascia at one half, very broad costally and dorsally but narrow medially, and a large costal spot at three-quarters reaching beyond median line, sometime connected medially with fascia at one-half, pale golden yellow; cilia bronzy golden, apically pale golden yellow. Hindwing bronzy golden, apically purplish tinged; cilia bronzy golden. Abdomen deep bronzy golden." (Heath 1986).


The species is known only from the type locality at Skikda in Algeria.


Nothing is known about the biology of M. conjunctella.

Stages in development:

The early stages are unknown.


-genitalia -genitalia, prep.-no. 329 J. Heath (BM genitalia slide 10464), HOLOTYPE: Algeria, Philippeville (Skikda), 1904.05.03, leg. Walsingham, in coll. NHM, London    
Picture from: © Heath 1986, modified
Detailed view
Picture from: © Zeller Christof (modified)
Detailed view

Genitalia. "Uncus united with tegumen; accessory clasper bilobed ventrally and partially bisected dorsally, with a row of six very stout, fairly long setae on inner surface of base and two long, thin setae on ventral edge; between accessory clasper and uncus three very long, rather thin setae on inner surface. Clasper very stout apically and basally but very constricted medially, with a row of nine long, thin, pointed setae on distal edge, two rows of fairly long, stout, blunt setae and four very long, thin, pointed setae on inner surface of distal portion, and a group of about 16 long, thin, pointed setae arranged in two somewhat irregular rows on inner surface towards base." (Heath 1986).

Worth knowing:


Heath, J. 1986. The Micropterigid fauna of north Africa (Lepidoptera, Zeugloptera). Entomologist´s Gazette 37:17-32, 126

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