N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Stigmella diniensis (Klimesch, 1975)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nepticula diniensis Klimesch, 1975: 5.
Type locality: France, Basses Alpes, Digne
Type: Holotype : France, Basses Alpes, Digne, 10.ix.1967, J. Klimesch, in coll. ZSM, Munich

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The species is endemic to southern France (Nieukerken 2016).


Adults are on the wing in April, May and September. There are probably several generations per year (Nieukerken 2016).

Stages in development:

The larvae feed on the leafes of Fumana ericoides, Fumana procumbens and possibly Helianthemum. The mine consists of an exceptionally long and narrow corridor along the leaf margin, that widens towards the end. The frass is concentrated in a narrow central line (Nieukerken 2016).


genitalia: schematic genitalia: schematic    
Picture from: Kurz Michael (redrawn from Lastuvka & Lastuvaka)
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael (redrawn from Lastuvka & Lastuvaka)
Detailed view

Worth knowing:


Klimesch, J. 1975. Über neue mediterrane und canarische Nepticuliden (Lep., Nepticulidae). Mitteilungen der Münchner Entomologischen Gesellschaft 65: 1-28.
Nieukerken, E. J. van 2016. Nepticulidae and Opostegidae of the world. - URL: http://nepticuloidea.info/ [online 2016.05.18].

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Kurz Michael: 2016.05.20
Kurz Michael: 2019.07.29
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