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Ectoedemia (Fomoria) septembrella (Stainton, 1849)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nepticula septembrella Stainton, 1849
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The species is widespread across Europe and is missing only in Sicily, parts of the Balkans and eastern Europe (Karsholt & Nieukerken 2010). Its vertical distribution reaches at least from 300 - 1700 m a.s.l. (Kurz & Kurz 2010).


E. septembrella inhabits dry as well as wet meadows, tall herb vegetation, clear cuttings and edges or clearings of woodland. The iamgo is on the wing in May, larvae have been found from July to October, although mainly in September (Kurz & Kurz 2010).

Stages in development:

Early mine (aborted) on Hypericum kouytchense: Salzburg, city of Salzburg, Mülln, 2014.08.07 The conspicous mine is very characteristic: Bayern, Berchtesgadener Land, Watzmanngebiet, vicinity of the Kühroint-Alm, 2003.09.21, nearly genuine photograph Vorarlberg, Bregenzer Wald, Pfänder, Lohorn, way to Riese, 2004.08.06 Mine on Hypericum hirsutum: Salzburg, city of Salzburg, Heuberg, 2015.07.20
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

Larva. The larva feeds exclusively on species of Hypericum, e.g. Hypericum perforatum or Hypericum maculatum. Here, it has been found in competition with larvae of Calybites phasianipennella (Kurz & Kurz 2010). The mine is a sinuous gallery first, which leads to a conspicious big bloth in the leaf with the frass in its centre.

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