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Sabatinca eodora Meyrick, 1918

(zoological nomenclature: synonym, available)

General information:

Sabatinca eodora Meyrick, 1918: 134
Type locality: New Zealand, near Nelson, Tapawera, Shedwood Forest
Type: LECTOTYPE : New Zealnad, Tapawera, Nelson; in coll. BMNH

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The taxon is presently regarded to be synonymous to Sabatinca incongruella Walker, 1863.


LECTOTYPE : New Zealand, Tapawera, Nelson; in coll. BMNH      
Picture from: © Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd, CD disk L01; image number 1526022
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Description of adults. Original description (Meyrick, 1918) based on 4 : ". 10 mm. Head, palpi and thorax fulvous. Antennae ochreous, with a black band of three joints above middle and another of three or four joints beneath apex. Abdomen blackish-grey. Forewings suboblong, costa rather abruptly arched anteriorly, then nearly straight, slightly arched towards apex, apex obtuse, termen slightly rounded, rather strongly oblique; light rosy-pink, more or less sprinkled or suffused with grey except on basal third; basal third orange-fulvous, including a bright-yellow transverse blotch edged with a few black scales from costa at 1/4; a yellow dot edged with black on dorsum before middle; a somewhat oblique bright-yellow fasciate blotch from middle of costa reaching half across wing, edged with a few black scales and margined with orange-fulvous continued as an orange-fulvous fascia to dorsum beyond middle, its anterior margin marked with a yellow black-edged dot below middle and a black mark on dorsum; an irregular narrow orange-fulvous fascia from 3/4 of costa to tornus, partially edged with black scales, and marked with two or three small variable yellow dots; two small yellow anteriorly black-edged spots on costa towards apex and two on termen; cilia yellow barred with grey, base tinged with rosy. Hindwings deep purple, becoming dark grey anteriorly; cilia dark grey, on costa with two indistinct pale-yellowish bars."


The taxon S. eodora has been recorded only from the type locality.


The type series has been caught in January.


Scheme of genitalia [uncertain identity] Scheme of genitalia [uncertain identity]    
Picture from: Philpott 1924, modified
Detailed view
Picture from: Philpott 1927, modified
Detailed view


Superficially, there are no differences to S. incongruella.

Worth knowing:


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