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Incurvaria brigantinella Amsel, 1961

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Incurvaria brigantinella Amsel, 1961: 96 - 97
Type locality: Germany, Baden-Württemberg, Bodensee, nature reserve Unteruhldingen-Seefelden
Type: Holotype : "Bodensee; Seefelden 19.6.; 1961 Naturschutz; Gebiet H.G.Amsel"; [red label] "MonoTypus [sic]; leg. H. Amsel"; [red label] "Incurvaria; brigantinella"; [red label] "HOLOTYPE; Incurvaria; brigantinella; Amsel 1961"; "E.S.Nielsen; Gen. slide no.; 2154 ; E.S,. Nielsen"; "ex coll.; H.-G. Amsel; SMNK"; in coll. SMNK

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:

Unless further material becomes available, the taxon Incurvaria brigantinella Amsel, 1961 has to be treated as nomen dubium.


original drawing HOLOTYPE : "Bodensee, Seefelden, 19.6.1961, Naturschutzgebiet, H.G. Amsel", leg. H.G.Amsel, coll. SMNK Labels of HOLOTYPE  
Picture from: © Amsel 1961
Detailed view
Picture from: © Falkenberg Michael (SMNK)
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Picture from: © Falkenberg Michael (LNK)
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Description of adults: Examined: Black-and-white drawing of holotype in original description, photo of holotype and complements following Amsel, 1961. Wing expanse: 12 mm. Vestiture of hair-like scales on the head yellowish; labial palpi yellowish; antennae 1/2 () of forewing length, yellowish; forewings blackish with weak violet shimmer and yellowish-white markings: A small roundish costal spot at 4/5, a small triangular spot basally of the tornus, emanating into the fringe; an elongate, narrow spot at the inner margin at 1/3, reaching across half of the wing width; a very small costal spot at 1/3; fringe consisting of two rows of scales, the inner row just like the ground colour, the outer row pale yellowish; hindwings and fringe blackish; abdomen blackish.


The taxon is only known from the single type specimen from Baden-Württemberg. It is not included in Fauna Europaea (Karsholt & Nieukerken 2010).


I. brigantinella HOLOTYPE : "Bodensee, Seefelden, 19.6.1961, Naturschutzgebiet, H.G. Amsel", leg. H.G.Amsel, coll. SMNK L. flavimitrella : Salzburg, Flachgau, Hallwang, Söllheim, 1966.05.14, leg. Fritz Mairhuber, coll. Haus der Natur, Salzburg I. praelatella : Salzburg, Flachgau, Thalgau, location 8/5, 1990.09.28 e.l. 1991.06.12, leg. et coll. Michael Kurz L. capitella : Northern Bavaria, Höllental, 650 m, 1973.05.05, leg. Zürnbauer, coll. Tiroler Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum
Picture from: © Falkenberg Michael (SMNK)
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Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
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Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
I. oehlmanniella : Salzburg, Radstädter Tauern, Kleinarl valley, Jägersee, 1995.07.22, coll. Michael Kurz      
Picture from: Kurz Michael
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In the original description, Amsel (1961) compares his new taxon I. brigantinella with Incurvaria oehlmanniella (Hübner, 1796), Lampronia intermediella (Heinemann, 1870), a taxon of uncertain identity (see Karsholt & Nieukerken 2010), and Lampronia capitella (Clerck, 1759). Following Amsel, the first two species are easily distinguished by the brown colour of the fringe, being whitish outwards in I. brigantinella. L. capitella is distinctly larger and lighter in ground colour. No comparison, however, is made in that paper with Incurvaria praelatella ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775), which has a distinct white fringe. I. brigantinella therefore could perhaps be a darkened form of that species with somewhat reduced inner fascia. In TLMF, a series of specimens from the Bodensee area is deposited under the name Lampronia flavimitrella (Hübner, [1817]), which are quite dark in colour (Huemer in litt.). So far, we have not been able to investigate these specimes, which hopefully might clarify the problem. L. flavimitrella also is a species with somewhat whitish, although less well pronounced white fringe, but normally much lighter in ground colour.

Worth knowing:


Amsel, H. G. 1961. Über einige bemwerkenswerte Kleinschmetterlinge des Naturschutzgebietes von Unteruhldingen am Bodensee. Beiträge zur naturkundlichen Forschung in SW-Deutschland XX (2): 93 - 98.
Karsholt, O. & E. J. van Nieukerken 2010. Incurvariidae. In - Karsholt, O. & E. J. van Nieukerken (eds.). Lepidoptera, Moths. – Fauna Europaea version 2.2, http://www.faunaeur.org [online 21 November 2010].

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