N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Baltimartyria Skalski, 1995

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Baltimartyria Skalski, 1995: 27-28.
Type: Micropteryx proavittella Rebel, [1936]. By original designation.

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:


The genus is known only from Baltic amber from the Priabonian period.

Worth knowing:


Skalski, A. W. 1995. Studies on the Lepidoptera from fossil resins. Part IX. Baltimartyria, a new genus for Micropteryx proavitella Rebel, 1936, with redescription of this species (Lepidoptera, Zeugloptera, Micropterigidae). Amber & Fossils 1 (1): 26-37.

Publication data:

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