N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Parnassius (Driopa) stubbendorfii Ménétries, 1849

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Parnassius stubbendorfii Ménétriés, 1849: 273, pl. 6, f. 2.
Type locality: Chorma river, district de Kansk [Erma River, Irkutsk Region, E Sayan mts.]
Type: probably in coll. ZISP, St. Petersburg (Häuser et al. 2005)

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The following, incomplete list is primarily based on Savela (2015), with additions from Ackery (1973) and Häuser et al. (2005).

Parnassius hoenei Schweitzer, 1928. Type locality: Japan, Hokkaido. Subspecies or distinct species.
Parnassius stubbendorfi var. koreana Verity, 1907: 101. Type locality: Korea, SW coast. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi amurensis Verity, 1911: 321, pl. 65, f. 17-18. Type locality: Wladivostok. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi standfussi Bryk, 1912. Lower Amur basin. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi typicus Bryk, 1914. Altai mountains. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi bodemeyeri Bryk, 1914. Amur region, N Ussuri. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi esakii Nakahara, 1926. Sakhalin. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi doii Matsumura, 1928: 201. Type locality: Kuriles. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi diabolicus Bryk & Eisner, 1929: 47, f. 1-2. Type locality: Mandschuria, Gaolindsey. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi heliconius Bryk, 1932: 47. Type locality: Chikuan Shan, Antung-Mukden. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi conjungens Bryk & Eisner, 1932: 82. Type locality: Chingan mont. sept., Buchatu, Mandschur occ. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi kjoengsoengensis Bryk, 1932: 47. Type locality: N Korea, Kjongsong, Shiotsufluss and vicinity of Sei Shin. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi revisus Bryk, 1932: 48. Type locality: Barra-couta. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi taupingi Bang-Haas, 1932: 200. Type locality: Kansu mer., Peiling schan, Taupingfluss, 3200 m. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi bromkampi Bang-Haas, 1933: 261. Type locality: Kansu mer. or., Min, Minschan or., 3000m. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfi arakawai Bang-Haas, 1938: 19, pl. 1, f. 10-11. Type locality: Korea central, Kiujo, Mons Myoka. Subspecies.
Parnassius stubbendorfii kosterini Kreuzberg & Pljustsh, 1992. Type locality: Magadanskaja obl., Olskij r-n, p-ov Koni. Subspecies.


P. stubbendorfii typicus: Russia, Altai mountains P. stubbendorfii koreana: Russia, far East P. stubbendorfii standfussi: Russia, far East P. stubbendorfii moneronensis: Russia, Kuriles, Moneron island
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Picture from: www.ebay.at: © galijotas
Detailed view
Picture from: www.ebay.at: © galijotas
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P. stubbendorfii bodemeyeri: Russia, far East      
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Description of adults: Examined: 2 of ssp. stubbendorfii and typicus. Wing expanse: 43.5-58.0 mm. Head with long, distant, hair-like scales, anteriorly black, upper part more light grey; palpi directed ahead and upwards, slightly longer than head, laterally scarcely scaled dirty white, lower part with long, distant, black, hair-like scales; eyes big, oval, brown; antennae slightly more than 1/4 of forewing length, completely black; collar, tegulae and anterior part of thorax with long, light brownish-grey, hair-like scales; thorax otherwise black, very scarcely covered with hair-like scales; upperside of wings nearly completely covered with scales, chalk-white, veins narrowly bordered black; a scarce, black-grey scaling on forewing at basis and along anterior margin, broader at discus and sometimes a weak indication of a crosswise spot distally to middle of cell; a moderately broad, delicate grey scaling along outer margin, paralleled by an irregular, submarginal fascia to at most Cu2; inner margin of hindwing broad grey-black to anal angle, narrowing towards discus; distal ends of veins narrowly bordered grey-black too; underside of wings nearly devoid of any scaling, yellowish-white, with fatty gloss and very scarce, distant, setaceous, black and white, hair-like scales; fringe of all wings black at upper- und underside; underside of thorax and black legs with long, light brownish-grey, hair-like scales, fore- and midlegs inwardly also with orange-brown, scarce scaling; upperside of abdomen scarcely covered with light brownish-grey, hair-like scales, laterally and at underside at basis also with tufts of hair-like scales of the same colour, partly mixed with black.


The distribution of the species reaches from the Altai mountains throughout southern Siberia and northern Mongolia and China to Sakhalin, the Kuriles, Japan and Korea. Vertically, it has been recorded from near sea-level (Korea and Moneron island) to at least 3200 m in Gansu, China (see Ackery 1973 and Kurz & Kurz 2015).

Stages in development:

Larva. The larva is said to feed on Corydalis spp., namely Corydalis gigantea and C. ambigua (Savela 2015).


P. stubbendorfii is very similar to Parnassius (Driopa) glacialis Butler, 1866, with overlapping distribution areas of both species in NE China and on the Korean peninsula. P. glacialis may be recognized however by the better developed cross-spots distad of the middle of the cell and at the discus of the forewings and especially by the yellow-orange dufts of hair-like scales on thorax and abdomen. Furthermore, the species normally is distinctly larger than P. stubbendorfii. Parnassius (Driopa) mnemosyne (Linné, 1758), also being quite similar to P. stubbendorfii misses the yellow-orange dufts of hair-like scales on thorax and abdomen too, but the spots in the cell of the forewing are much better developed, being black. Similar species of Aporia can best be distinguished by the missing broad black scaling along the inner margin of the hindwing upperside.

Worth knowing:


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