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Eurytides Hübner, [1821]

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Eurytides Hübner, 1821: pl. [92].
Type: Eurytides iphitas Hübner , 1821: pl. [92]. By monotypy (see Pitkin & Jenkins 2004).

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Taxonomic note: "Hübner included two plates of species assigned by him to the genus Eurytides in vol. 2 of the Samml. exot. Schmett. These are the plates now known as pls [91] and [92]. Of these, pl. [91] depicted a new nominal species Eurytides dolicaon Hübner ; pl. [92] (as shown above) represented another new nominal species Eurytides iphitas. The relative dates of publication of the various portions of Hübner´s Samml. exot. Schmett. were not known when the position of the name Eurytides was considered by Scudder in 1875 (Proc. amer. Acad. Arts Sci., Boston 18 : 175) and in consequence that author had no option but to treat the two plates discussed above as having been published on the same date as one another. On this basis Scudder selected Eurytides dolicaon Hübner (figured on pl. [91]) as the type-species of this genus. The discovery of Hübner´s surviving manuscripts however made it possible firmly to establish the dates of issue of the plates of Hübner´s Sammlung (Hemming, 1937, Hübner 1: 327-437). Of the plates here in question this evidence showed (loc. cit.: 408) that pl. [91] (E. dolicaon) was published in 1823 and that pl. [92] (E. iphitas) in 1821. It was thus established that the plate depicting Eurytides iphitas was published two years before that depicting Eurytides dolicaon. Accordingly, as shown above, Eurytides iphitas Hübner is the type-species of this genus by monotypy. (It may be noted that the two species discussed above are closely allied to one another and according to current taxonomic ideas are certainly congeneric." (Pitkin & Jenkins 2004, following Hemming 1937).



The species of Eurytides are restricted to the tropical and subtropical parts of Central and South America, where they occur mainly in the lowlands.

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