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Euplocamus melanchrodes Meyrick, 1916

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Euplocamus melanchrodes Meyrick, 1916: 617-618.
Type locality: India, Assam, Khasis
Type: Syntypes: 3 specimens, India, Assam, Khasis, in September, in coll. ? NHM, London

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Description of adults: Original description by Meyrick (1916). Wingspan: 20 mm. : "Head and thorax pale ochreous, patagia mostly blackish. Palpi whitish-ochreous, second joint dark fuscous except towards apex, terminal joint sprinkled with dark fuscous towards apex. Antennal pectinations 7. Abdomen greyish, anal tuft whitish-ochreous. Forewings elongate, rather dilated posteriorly, costa gently arched, apex obtuse, termen obliquely rounded; 8 and 9 out of 7; pale brownish-ochreous, irregularly sprinkled and strigulated with blackish, veins streaked with silvery-whitish; markings purple-blackish; an oblique triangular blotch occupying basal fifth of costa, not reaching beyond fold; an oblique fascia from 1/3 of costa to fold, a broader one from costa beyond middle to tornus, narrowed towards tonus, and a transverse blotch from costa at 3/4, these all confluent in disc into an irregular patch: cilia pale ochreous sprinkled with black specks. Hindwings whitish-ochreous-grey, veins dark grey; cilia ochreous-whitish, with fine grey subbasal line."


The species is known only from the type locality.

Worth knowing:


Meyrick, E. 1916. Exotic microlepidoptera. vol. 1, Taylor & Francis, 640 pp.

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