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Palaeoinfurcitinea Kozlov, 1987

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Palaeoinfurcitinea Kozlov, 1987: 63.
Type: Palaeoinfurcitinea rohdendorfi Kozlov, 1987.

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Description of adults: "Galea spirally turned and equal to maxillary palps; labial palps about 2/3 lenght of latter. Knees of forelegs with epiphysis. Venation of forewings complete, radial cella discernable, On hindwings M1 and M2 converga at base, and medial cell present" (Kozlov 1987).


The genus is known only from Baltic amber in the Baltic region, where it is represented by two species.


Following Kozlov (987), the genus is closest to the recent genus Infurcitinea Spuler, 1910, from which it differs in the much shorter length of the galea.

Worth knowing:


Kozlov, M. V. 1987. New moth-like Lepidoptera from the Baltic amber. ‹bersetzung aus Palaeontological Journal (4): 59-68 [56-65].

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