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Lycaena dispar festivus Krulikovskii, 1909

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Chrysophanus dispar festivus Krulikovskii, 1909: 300.
Type locality: Rossiae orientalis [Vjatka valley, Russia following Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001]
Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
dahurica Graeser, 1888: 75
ramaini Le Moult, 1942: 141.


Picture from: Seitz 1908
Detailed view


Subspecies festivus has been found from the Urals and Kazakhstan throughout Siberia to Transbaikalia (Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001).


The black submarginal spots on the hindwing underside are small. The submarginal orange band is very narrow (Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001).

Worth knowing:


Bozano, G. C. & Z. Weidenhoffer 2001. Guide to the Butterflies of the Palaearctic Region. Lycaenidae I, Subfamily Lycaeninae. Omnesa Artes, Milano, 62 pp.
Krulikovskii, L. 1909. Новыя свЬдЬтя о чешуекрылыхъ Вятской губернiи. Revue russe dŽentomologie 9: 292-323.

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