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Lycaena phlaeas arethusa (Wolley-Dod, 1907)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Chrysophanus arethusa Wolley-Dod, 1907: 169-171.
Type locality: Canada, Alberta: "the foothills...Linehamīs lower log camp, south fork of Sheep Creek...about thirty-five miles south-west of Calgary...Alberta...near the spruce woods about ten or fifteen miles nearer Calgary"
Type: Syntypes: in coll. USNM and CNC

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Subspecies arethusa is known from Alberta in Canada and from Montana in the USA.

Worth knowing:


Wolley-Dod, F. H. 1907. Notes on Chrysophanus hypophlaeas and its allies, with description of a new species. The Canadian Entomologist 39(5): 169-171.

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