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Lycaena violacea (Staudinger, 1892)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Polyommatus dispar var. violaceus Staudinger, 1892: 315
Type locality: Kentei [Buryatia, Kudara-Somon]
Type: Syntypes probably in coll. MNHU, Berlin

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Lycaena violacea labrangi Bozano & Weidenhoffer, 2001: 12. Type locality: China, Gansu, Xiahe, 3200 m. Subspecies.


The typical subspecies is distributed from the Altai to the Sayan mountains in south Siberia and to Mongolia and the Amur region, whereas ssp. labrangi is known only from Gansu in China (Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001).


Followig Bozano & Weidenhoffer (2001), the ground colour on the upperside is deeper red than in Lycaena splendens (Staudinger, 1881) and Lycaena dabrerai Bálint, 1996. On the upperside of the forewing, the postdiscal markings are well developed, whereas on the underside, the black spots are ringed white. On the hindwing upperside, the ground colour is fuscous with a violet tinge, except for the orange submarginal band. The ground colour of the hindwing underside is more or less brownish grey.
In the male genitalia, the valvae are larger than those of L. splendens and L. dabrerai, without a ventral extension.

Worth knowing:


Bozano, G. C. & Z. Weidenhoffer 2001. Guide to the Butterflies of the Palaearctic Region. Lycaenidae I, Subfamily Lycaeninae. Omnesa Artes, Milano, 62 pp.
Staudinger, O. 1892. Lepidopteren des Kentei-Gebirges. Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift 5: 300-393.

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