N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Parnassius (Driopa) clodius strohbeeni Sternitzky, 1945

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Parnassius clodius strohbeeni Sternitzky, 1945: 82-83.
Type locality: “Santa Cruz, California” [Santa Cruz County]
Type: Holotype in MCZ

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Parnassius clodius tr. f. dodgei Gunder, 1932: 123. Type locality: “Santa Cruz Hills, Santa Cruz, California” [Santa Cruz County]. Unavailable infrasubspecific name.


The taxon is restricted to the mountains around Santa Cruz, CA and is believed to be extinct now.


The imagines fly in one generation per year in June and early July (Kurz & Kurz 2016).

Worth knowing:


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Sternitzky, R. F. 1945. A new race of Parnassius clodius Men. Proceedings of the New England Zoölogical Club 23 (6):81-83.

Publication data:

Kurz Michael: 2016.10.18
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