N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Nemophora deceptoriella Kozlov, Mutanen, Lee & Huemer, 2016

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nemophora deceptoriella Kozlov, Mutanen, Lee et Huemer, 2016: 15-16.
Type locality: Russia, Dagestan, Termenlik
Type: Holotype : "Termenlik [42.76∘ N, 47.04∘ E]; Buinakskij r-n [district]; Dag[estan]. | Zagulajev 16.VI.[1]993" [in Russian]; "Sample for DNA; KOZ185; M. Kozlov 2012"; "Holotype Nemo-; phora deceptoriella; Kozlov, Mutanen,; Lee et Huemer, 2016", in coll. ZISP, St. Petersburg

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The species is known only from the Caucasus in Russia and Georgia (Kozlov et al. 2016).

Worth knowing:


Kozlov, M. V,, M. Mutanen, K. M. Lee & P. Huemer 2016. Cryptic diversity in the long-horn moth Nemophora degeerella (Lepidoptera: Adelidae) revealed by morphology, DNA barcodes and genome-wide ddRAD-seq data. Systematic Entomology: 1-18.

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