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Excurvaria Kuprijanov, 1994

(zoological nomenclature: synonym, available)

General information:

Excurvaria Kuprijanov, 194: 392.
Type: Tinea praelatella ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775): By original designation

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Excurvaria has originally been erected as a monotypic genus within Incurvariidae and is now considered as a junior subjective synonym of Incurvaria s. str. Haworth, 1828.


Worth knowing:


Kuprijanov, A.V. 1994. Towards a natural system of the Incurvarioidea. Part 3. Excurvaria gen. nov. for Incurvaria praelatella Denis & Schiffermüller, 1775. (Lepidoptera: Incurvariidae). Atalanta 25 (1/2): 391–398.

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