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Tetrix subulata (Linnaeus, 1758)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Gryllus Bulla subulatus Linnaeus, 1758: 428
Type locality: Europe
Type: unknown

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Gryllus dispar Lep., 1775
Acridium bimaculatum Herbst, 1786
Gryllus striatus Gmelin, 1788
Acridium thoracicum Olivier, 1791
Acridium bipunctatum Panzer, 1793
Acridium dorsale Thunberg, 1815
Acridium quadrimaculatum Thunberg, 1815
Acridium pallescens Zetterstedt, 1821
Acridium subulatum var. bimaculatum Zetterstedt, 1821
Acridium dorsale Zetterstedt, 1821
Acridium marginatum Zetterstedt, 1821
Acridium humeralis Zetterstedt, 1821
Tetrix panzeri St. Farg & Serv., 1825
Tetrix exclamationis St. Farg & Serv., 1825
Acridium marginatum St. Farg & Serv., 1825
Tetrix granulatus Kirb., 1837
Tetrix subulata var. pallescens Fiebiger, 1853


: Salzburg, city of Salzburg, Aigen, Aigner Au, 2009.04.12, leg. Laslo Horvat, coll. Michael Kurz the same animal: : Salzburg, city of Salzburg, Aigen, Aigner Au, 2009.04.12, leg. Laslo Horvat, coll. Michael Kurz    
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view


Harz (1975) and Heller (2004) report T. subulata throughout Europe with the exception of Iceland, Portugal, the Balearic Islands, Corse, Sicily, Crete and Cyprus. In Russia, the species has been found in the Russian plain, the Ural mountains, the western Siberian plain, the southern Siberian mountains, in the mountains of northeastern Siberia, in central Yakutia as well as in Turkmenistan, Tadzhikistan and Kazakhstan (Sergeev & Dubatolov, 2009). In the USA, the species may have been introduced (GBIF 2009, Otte 1998). According to Harz (1975), the vertical distribution reaches from sea level up to 1700 m.

Worth knowing:


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Publication data:

Horvat Laslo: 2009.01.29
Kurz Michael: 2009.09.17
Kurz Michael: 2011.03.03
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