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Stigmella freyella (Heyden, 1858)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nepticula freyella Heyden, 1858: 175.
Type locality: Germany, [Frankfurt am Main]
Type: Lectotype : Germany, [Frankfurt am Main, larvae September 1857, June 1858, adult may 1858, July 1858, Convolvulus arvensis, von Heyden] "freyella/Coll. C. von Heyden", in coll. Senckenberg Naturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main

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The species is found from the Netherlands to the Baltic region and Russia, southwards to the Mediterranean region. It is also found in Algeria (Nieukerken 2016).


In central Europe there are two generations per year with larvae in June and September and adults in May and July (Nieukerken 2016).

Stages in development:

The larvae feed in the leaves of Calystegia sepium, Calystegia soldanella, Convolvulus althaeoides, Convolvulus arvensis and Convolvulus elegans. The mine consists of a full depth, very narrow and often strongly wound corridor. The frass is concentrated in a narrow central line (Nieukerken 2016).

Worth knowing:


von Heyden, C. 1858. Nepticula of the Convolvulus. Entomologistīs Weekly Intelligencer, 4: 175.
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Kurz Michael: 2016.07.12
Kurz Michael: 2018.11.07
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