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Micropterix aureofasciella Heath, 1986

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Micropterix aureofasciella Heath, 1986: 22-23, fig. 6, 7
Type locality: Algeria, Bone (now Annaba)
Type: Holotype : Algeria, Bone, 13.III.1903, Eaton, 14003; genitalia preparation J. Heath no. 136; in coll. BMNH

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Description of adults: Examined: Original description by Heath (1986). Forewing length: 3.0 - 3.5 mm, 3.5 - 4.0 mm. "Head golden yellow; antenna golden fuscous. Thorax īgolden;tegulae bronzy purple; Forewing dark bronzy purple, with fasciae at one-quarter and just before one-half, sometimes broken centrally, a costal spot at just beyond one-half and a fascia at three-quarters sometimes not quite reaching dorsum, in female sometimes a median bar joining fasciae at one-hale and three-quarters, pale golden; cilia ple golden, apically whitish.Hindwing bronzy golden, apically purplish tinged; cilia dark bronzy golden. Abdomen golden."


The species is known only from Algeria, where it occurs along the coastal belt from Algiers to Philippeville (Heath 1986).


Nothing is known about the biology of M. aureofasciella. The adults have been found on the wing from mid march till early May (Heath 1986).

Stages in development:

The early stages are unknown.


Picture from: © Heath 1986, modified
Detailed view

Genitalia. "Uncus long and slender; accessory clasper with a series of nin stout, backward produced, hooked setae and a row of four stout, hooked setae in two groups and an elongate lobe; between uncus and accessory clasper row of four long, thin setae. Clasper spatulate with a group of short, stout setae on inner surface of distal end and two fairly long, stoutm basal setae. " (Heath 1986).

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Heath, J. 1986. The Micropterigid fauna of north Africa (Lepidoptera, Zeugloptera). Entomologistīs Gazette 37:17-32, 126.

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