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Nematopogon sericinellus Zeller, 1847

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nematopogon sericinellus Zeller, 1847: 816.
Type locality: Italy, Sicily, near Messina
Type: Lectotype : Italy, Sicily, Messina, 12.iv. [?1846], leg. Zeller, genitalia slide BMNH 10677, in coll. NHM, London

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: Italy, Tuscany, near Lorenzana, Laura, 1995.05.07, coll. Michael Kurz : Toscana, Firenze, Marradi, Badia Valle, 430 m, 1992.05.02, leg. L. Usvelli, coll. Museo Friulano : Toscana, Firenze, Marradi, Badia Valle, 430 m, 1981.05.02, leg. L. Usvelli, coll. Museo Friulano  
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

Description of adults: Examined: 10 , 4 . Forewing length: 6.5 - 7.0 mm, 6.7 - 7.2. Vestiture of hair-like scales on the head brownish-ochreous; eyes semiglobular, dark brown, about 0.35 mm in diameter; distance of eyes (frontally) about 0.5 mm; maxillary palpi small, ochreous, golden shining; labial palpi similar, about 0.35 mm long, directed ahead and downwards; antennae in about 2 1/4 of forewing length, in about 2, simple, ochreous, golden shining, in somewhat withish; thorax and tegulae bronzy golden; forewings uniformly ochreous-grey, bronzy golden shining, without any markings; fringe alike; hindwings except for the apical area with hair-like scales, not completely covering the wing membrane; hindwings light grey, golden shining; fringe alike; underside like the upperside; legs ochreous, golden shining; foretibia with epiphysis; midtibia with a long pair of spurs at distal end; hindtibia somewhat inflated, with a duft of hair-like scales und a pair of spurs each at about 0.6 of the tibial length and at the distal end; abdomen not investigated.


Following Karsholt & Nieukerken (2010), the species is known only from mainland Italy and Sicily. The northernmost records are from Tuscany, from a height of about 50 - 950 m a.s.l. (Kurz & Kurz 2015).


The species has been found in May in a deciduous oak-wood (Kurz & Kurz 2015). Zeller (1847) records it in April from dense woodland mixed with Quercus, Cytisus and Cistus. Other details on the biology of N. sericinellus are not available.

Stages in development:

The early stages are unknown.

Worth knowing:


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