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Adela australis (Heydenreich, 1851)

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Nematois australis Heydenreich, 1851: 131.
Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Tinea aldrovandella Villers 1789: nomen oblitum: suppressed by ICZN 2005, see also (Kozlov & Nieukerken 2003)


: Emilia Romagna, near Parma, Pellegrino Parmense, 1992.06.16, coll. Michael Kurz : Toscana, Firenze, Marradi, 1089 m, 2001.06.13, leg. M. Bruno, L. Usvelli, coll. Museo Friulano : Spain, Gerona, Vidreras, 1992.05.29, leg. J.Wimmer, coll. Michael Kurz : Emilia Romagna, Brisighella, Torre Ceparano, 370 m, 1994.06.02, leg. L. Usvelli, coll. Museo Friulano
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

Description of adults: Examined: 2 , 1 . Forewing length: 5.4 mm, 5.5 mm. Head black-brown; vestiture of hair-like scales on the head rusty yellow, mixed black; face smoothly scaled, greenish bronzy-golden shining; eyes semiglobular, dark brown, about 0.3 mm in diameter; distance of eyes (frontally) about 0.55 mm; labial palpi short, about 0.35 mm long, thin, hanging, bronzy golden shining, with distant black bristles; haustellum well developed, scaled; antennae nearly 3-times the forewing length (), filiform, basally bronzy golden with coppery shimmer, distal 3/4 whitish; antennae in about 1 1/2-times the forewing length, filiform, basal 1/3 densly scaled with erect coppery-violet scales, distal 2/3 whitish; thorax and tegulae greenish bronzy-golden shining; forewing upperside basally bronzy golden, distalwards reddish golden, towards costal margin partly purple-violet, sometimes blueish; at about 1/2 a nearly straight, narrow, yellowish-white cross-fascia across the whole wing width; fringe coppery bronzy-golden; hindwings completely covered with broad scales, dark brown in both sexes, with coppery-violet shimmer; along outer margin, at basis of cilia, a delicate, indistinct coppery line; fringe coppery bronzy-golden; underside brown with intensive coppery shine, the fascia of the forewing weakly indicated only; underside of thorax with heavy greenish bronzy-golden metallic glance; legs similar, tibiae reddish-violet; tarsal segments with a ring of silvery-white scales at beginning; foretibia with epiphysis; midtibia with a pair of spurs at distal end; hindtibia slightly inflated, with long, hair-like scales and a pair of spurs each at about 0.6 of tibial length and at distal end; abdomen on upperside dark brown, with slight bronzy-golden to coppery shimmer, at underside with intensive greenish bronzy-golden glance; abdomen of flattened dorsoventrally.


The species has been recorded by Karsholt & Nieukerken (2011) from Spain, France, Corse, Italy, Siciliy, Switzerland, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria. Following Koçak & Kemal (2009), it also occurs in Turkey, but misses in Siberia (Dubatolov 2009). Vertically, records have been documented from about 150 - 1100 m a.s.l. (Kurz & Kurz 2014).


The imagines fly in one generation in May and June. They are day-active and prefer open and rocky situations in mediterranean macchia, as well as dry and sunny edges of bushland (Kurz & Kurz 2014).


Adela australis is very similar to Adela collicolella Walsingham, 1904, but its medial fascia is not bordered on both sides by blackish-violet colour and in females the antennae are densely covered with dark erect scales basally, this character missing in A. collicolella.

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