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Sabatinca caustica Meyrick, 1912

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Sabatinca caustica Meyrick, 1912: 124
Type locality: New Zealand, Invercargill, Seaward Moss
Type: Lectotype : New Zealand, Southland, Seaward Moss, leg. Philpott; in coll. BMNH

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
? Sabatinca barbarica Philpott, 1918: Junior subjective synonym (Philpott 1923b)


Scheme of wing venation (forewing) LECTOTYPE : New Zealand, Southland, Seaward Moss, leg. Philpott; in coll. BMNH    
Picture from: Philpott 1923b, modified
Detailed view
Picture from: © Manaaki Whenua - Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd, CD disk L01; image number 1526008
Detailed view

Description of adults. Original description (Meyrick, 1912): ". 9 - 10 mm. Head and thorax bronzy-orange-ochreous, thorax sometimes marked with whitish. Antennae ochreous, towards apex blackish. Abdomen dark purple-grey. Forewings ovate-lanceolate, costa moderately arched, apex pointed, termen extremely obliquely rounded; violet-coppery-ochreous, in one specimen largely suffused with whitish; in one specimen a spot of dark purple-fuscous suffusion on dorsum towards base, one in disc beyond middle, and some irregular marking towards termen, and in the whitish-suffused specimen the dark purple-fuscous suffusion forms a blotch along anterior portion of costa connected with a large oblique blotch in middle of disc, a streak along dorsum from base to 2/3, a subterminal fascia enclosing a white spot on costa, and a mark along termen in middle, but in the other two specimens there are no markings: cilia golden-ochreous. Hindwings deep purple; cilia pale golden-ochreous."


The type series has been caught by Philpott in New Zealand, Invercargill, Seaward Moss.


The four specimens of the type series have been caught in October (Meyrick, 1912).


Following Meyrick (1912), the shape of forewings is characteristic, being more pointed than in any other species.

Worth knowing:


Meyrick, E. 1912. Descriptions of New Zealand Lepidoptera. 117 - 126.
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Philpott, A. 1924b. The genitalia in Sabatinca and allied genera (Lepidoptera Homoneura), with some observations on the same structures in the Mecoptera. Transactions of the Entomological Society of London, 1923(3-4): 347-366.

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