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Pharmacis (Korscheltellus) gracilis (Grote, [1865])

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Hepialus gracilis Grote, [1865]
Type locality: Canada
Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Hepialus mustelinus Packard, [1865]. Type locality: USA. Junior subjective synonym.
Hepialus labradoriensis Packard, [1865]. Type locality: Canada. Junior subjective synonym.
Hepialus furcatus Grote, 1883. Type locality: Canada. Junior subjective synonym.

Conifer Swift


P. (K.) gracilis is distributed in Canada and the eastern United States (Hodges et al. 1983, wikipedia 2009).

Stages in development:

Larva. The larva is said to feed on the roots of Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides), White Spruce (Picea glauca) and Yellow Birch (Betula alleghaniensis) but is especially associated with Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea) and Red Spruce (Picea rubens) (wikipedia 2009).

Worth knowing:


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