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Eriocrania (Eriocrania) Zeller, 1851

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Eriocrania Zeller, 1851: 323.
Type: Tinea sparrmannella Bosc , 1791. By subsequent designation by Bode, 1907: 59.

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Chapmania Meeß, 1910: 483. Type species: Lampronia semipurpurella Stephens, 1835. Junior subjective synonym.
Mnemonica Meyrick, 1912: 2, fig 5. Type species: ?. Junior subjective synonym.
Allochapmania Strand, 1917: 137. Type species: ?. Junior subjective synonym.


Species of the genus Eriocrania s.str. are distributed throughout Europe, with records missing from Portugal, the Tyrrhenian Archipelago, Sicily, the Balcans and parts of eastern Europe (Karsholt 2004). They are also known from the eastern Palaearctic region and from North America.

Worth knowing:


Karsholt, O. 2004. Families Acanthopteroctetidae, Axiidae, Castniidae, Cossidae, Drepanidae, Eriocottidae, Eriocraniidae, Gelechiidae, Heterogynidae, Limacodidae, Lypusidae, Micropterigidae, Roeslerstammiidae, Somabrachyidae, Uraniidae. In: Karsholt, O. & E. J. van Nieukerken (eds.). Lepidoptera, Moths. – Fauna Europaea version 1.1, http://www.faunaeur.org [online 18 May 2009].
Zeller, P. C. 1851. Drei Schabengattungen: Incurvaria, Micropteryx und Nemophora. Linnaea Entomologica 5: 301 - 362, pl. 1.

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