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Tinea paykullella Thunberg, 1794

(zoological nomenclature: homonym second order, available)

General information:

Tinea paykullella Thunberg, 1794: 89
Type locality: "Vestrogothia" [= Sweden, Västergötland]
Type: 2 Syntypes: Sweden, Vestrogothia, nos. 35181, 35182 in Thunberg´s insect collection in coll. UUZM, (Wallin & Wallin 2001)

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The taxon Tinea paykullella Thunberg, 1794 is interpreted in the sense of Micropterix aureatella (Scopoli, 1763) and is therefore a secondary homonym to Alucita paykullella Fabricius, 1794 (= Micropterix paykullella (Fabricius, 1794)). See Zeller et al. 2007.


Description of adults: Original description by Thunberg (1794): "TINEA PAYKULLELLA: alis purpureis: fasciis tribus aureis. Habitat in Vestrogothia, Gyllenhal. Minuta vix T. Calthella major. Alae superiores totae purpureae seu auro-rufae, nitentes, margine ciliatae: fasciis tribus aureis, transversis; una intra basin, altera in medio, tertia intra apicem. Alae inferiores fuscae, immaculatae, ciliatae. Pedes & abdomen fusca uti & antennae." Translation of latin text: "wings purple, three golden fasciae. Lives in Göteborg, Gyllenhal [name of Entomlogist]. Slightly larger than T. calthella. Forewings completely purple or golden-reddish, shining, with ciliate margins: Three golden transverse fasciae; one near the basis, a second one in the middle and the third one near the apex; hindwings fuscous, without markings, ciliate. Legs and abdomen fuscous like the antennae."


The type locality of T. paykullella is the Swedish province Västergötland.


M. aureatella aureatella : Salzburg, Pinzgau, Unken, Heutal, 2000.05.21, leg. Christof Zeller, coll. Christof Zeller      
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

No examination of the type specimens has been possible. Nevertheless, in accordance with recent publications (e.g. Zeller et al. 2007), the original description of Thunberg (1794) clearly refers to Micropterix aureatella (Scopoli, 1763), which is the only species in Sweden with the mentioned combination of characters.

Worth knowing:


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