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Tinea seppella Fabricius, 1777

(zoological nomenclature: synonym, available)

General information:

Tinea seppella Fabricius, 1777: 296
Type locality: England
Type: 1 specimen, in Anglia Dom. Yeats. in coll. Fabricius, Zoologisches Museum der Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel; on permanent loan to ZMUC (Kristensen & Karsholt 2007).

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The taxon Tinea seppella is presently treated as junior subjective synonym of Phalaena aruncella Scopoli, 1763 (= Micropterix aruncella (Scopoli, 1763)).


Description of adults: Original description from Fabricius (1777): "Seppella. 52-53. Tinea alis auratis: strigis duabus argenteis." and "Minuta. Corpus nigrum antennis brevibus. Alae anticae auratae, nitidae strigis duabus rectis argenteis. Posticae auro nitidae." Translation: Tinea with golden wings: With two silver stripes. Minute. Body black with short antennae. Forewings fatty golden with two straight silver stripes. Hindwings fatty golden.



M. aruncella : Austria, Salzburg, Thalgau, 1989.05.18, leg. et coll. Michael Kurz      
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

The original description already clearly refers to Micropterix aruncella Scopoli, 1763, an assignment, which is proved by the specimen in the Fabricius collection (Karsholt in litt.). Nowadays, T. seppella is referred to a male form of M. aruncella with distinct silvery costal spot at 3/4 (e.g. Zeller et al. 2007), a feature, that is not mentioned by Fabricius (1777). We have not been able to investigate the type specimen and therefore do not know, whether it shows this spot or not.

Worth knowing:


Fabricius, J. C. 1777 [imprint “1776”]. Genera insectorum eorumque charcteres naturales secundum numerum, figuram, situm et proportionem omnium partium oris adiecta mantissa specierum nuper detectarum. – Chilonii, pp. [i]–[xii], 1–310. - available at: Biodiversity Heritage Library. (http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/item/82410)
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