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Micropteryx eximiella Zeller, 1850

(zoological nomenclature: synonym, available)

General information:

Micropteryx eximiella Zeller, 1850: 62.
Type locality: Italy, Tuscany, near Livorno, Montenero
Type: Holotype : Italy, Tuscany, near Livorno, Montenero, 24 April, in coll. BMNH

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The taxon M. eximilella is presently treated as junior subjective synonym of Micropterix aruncella (Scopoli, 1763). The synonymy has been established by Heath 1965: 644.


Description of adults: Examined: Original description by Zeller (1850), based on only. Forewing length like in M. aruncella; vestiture of hair-like scales on the head rusty; antennae brown, serrate; thorax golden shining; forewings greenish, golden shining, violet at base, reddish along costal margin, coppery at apex; a narrow distinct snow-white cross fascia at 2/5, a slightly convex, otherwise similar fascia at 1/2; at 3/4 a snow-white roundish costal spot, enlarged towards centre of wing; one specimen with a minute white costal spot closely anterior to the spot at 3/4; fringe grey; hindwings light coppery, shining, with grey fringe; legs brownish-yellow, shining; abdomen brown.



Males have been caught in full sunshine at noon, swarming around bushes of Myrtus communis (Zeller 1850).


M. eximiella is a form of Micropterix aruncella (Scopoli, 1763) with well developed wing markings. Despite females have not been observed so far, the form seems to be somewhat intermediate between typical aruncella and the forms from the central Apennines, with reddish-golden well marked males and females.

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Heath, J. 1965. Ergebnisse der Albanien-Expedition 1961 des Deutschen Entomologischen Institutes. 33. Beitrag. Lepidoptera: Micropterigidae. Beiträge zur Entomologie 15: 641-647.
Zeller, P. C. 1850. Verzeichnis der von Herrn Jos. Mann beobachteten Toscanischen Microlepidoptera. – Stettiner Entomologische Zeitung 11: 59–64.

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