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Eriocephala atricapilla Wocke, 1877

(zoological nomenclature: synonym, available)

General information:

Eriocephala atricapilla Wocke, 1877: 52.
Type locality: Italy, Stelvio
Type: Syntypes 9 , 18 : Italy, Stelvio, in coll. ?

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
The taxon E. atricapilla is presently treated as junior subjective synonym of Micropterix aruncella (Scopoli, 1763).


Description of adults: Examined: Original description by Wocke (1877). Wingspan 6.5-7 mm. Vestiture of hair-like scales on the head blackish; forewings light greenish, ore-like shining, slightly brownish along costa and violet at base of costa; in , silvery fasciae indistinct, sometimes nearly vestigial, but spot at 3/4 present; devoid of any markings.


Although E. atricapilla is mainly distributed in the Alps, where it is often the dominant form, it has been found also in other, especially mountainous regions among normal M. aruncella (see also Zeller et al. 2007). The type series has been caught in appr. 2000-2200 m a.s.l. (Wocke 1877).


The type series has been caught among grassy slopes, rich in tall herb vegetation. Otherwise, the form is often found in more or less humid or shady biotops with reduced solar insolation compared to grassland.


E. atricapilla is distinguished from typical Micropterix aruncella (Scopoli, 1763) only by the colouration of the vestiture of hair-like scales on the head, which is blackish-brown in E. atricapilla (derivatio nominis !) and whitish to rusty yellow in M. aruncella. In the male genitalia, no differences have been found so far. Therefore, E. atricapilla is treated as being conspecific with M. aruncella (see also Zeller et al. 2007).

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Wocke, M. F. 1877. Über einige wenig bekannte oder neue Falter der deutschen Fauna – Zeitschrift für Entomologie, Breslau, 6: 42-52.
Zeller-Lukashort, H. C., M. E. Kurz, D. C. Lees & M. A. Kurz 2007: A review of Micropterix Hübner, 1825 from northern and central Europe (Micropterigidae); Nota lepidopterologica 30 (2): 235 – 298

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