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Lycaena phlaeas polaris Courvoisier, 1911

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Lycaena phlaeas f. polaris Courvoisier, 1911: 262.
Type locality: Norwegian Lapland
Type: not designated


The subspecies polaris is found from arctic Fennoscandia to northern Urals and northern Sibria (Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001).


The underside of the hindwing is more grey than in the nominate form with a more contrasting red submarginal band, wheras the underside of the forewing shows more contrasting black dots (Bozano & Weidenhoffer 2001).

Worth knowing:


Bozano, G. C. & Z. Weidenhoffer 2001. Guide to the Butterflies of the Palaearctic Region. Lycaenidae I, Subfamily Lycaeninae. Omnesa Artes, Milano, 62 pp.
Courvoisier, L. G. 1911. Entdeckungsreisen und kritische Spaziergänge ins Gebiet der Lycaeniden - Fortsetzung. Entomologische Zeitschrift 24: 261-263.

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