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Hapsifera luridella Zeller, 1847

(zoological nomenclature: valid name, available)

General information:

Hapsifera luridella Zeller, 1847: 33.
Type locality: Asia Minor, Patara
Type: Syntypes: 3 , Asia Minor, Patara, leg. Loew, in coll. NHM, London

Synonyms, misspellings, wrong determinations, etc.:
Hapsifera palaestinensis Rebel, 1901: 179. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera torulosa Turati, 1919: 345. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera cyrenaicensis Turati, 1924: 183. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera albicapilla Turati, 1926: 76. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera badiaria Turati, 1934: 208. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera kerbelella Amsel, 1949: 325. ? Junior subjective synonym.
Hapsifera asiatica Amsel, 1949: 324. ? Junior subjective synonym.


: Greece, Crete, Georgioupolis, Kavros, Hotel Ermioni, 2012.05.27, leg. Puchmayr & Kurz, coll. Michael Kurz      
Picture from: Kurz Michael
Detailed view

Description of adults: Examined: 1 . Forewing length: 9.2 mm. Vestiture of hair-like scales on the head distant, beige; palpi dark brown, smoothly scaled, beige; second segment with downwardly and anteriorly directed tuft of scales, the scales brownish distally and with beige tip; antennae almost as long as forewing, filiform, beige, ringed dark; thorax and tegulae beige; forewings beige, irregurlarly sprinkled dark brown, with several heaps of erect scales, especially near basis, before apex, in center of wing and above inner margin; these scales beige, dark brown at tip; fringe with beige, dark brown tipped scales; hindwings dark brown-grey; fringe likewise; underside of all wings dark brown-grey with beige wing margins and dark brown-grey fringe; legs beige; foretibia without epiphysis; midtibia with a pair of spurs at distal end; hindtibia on upperside with short tuft of hair-like scales, a long pair of spurs at about 0.6 of tibial length and a shorter pair of spurs at distal end; abdomen beige, slightly shining.

Variability: In size, colour as well as in venation, the species exhibits a significant variability (Petersen 1958b).


Including the above assumed synonyms, the species is distributed from northern Africa, throughout the eastern Mediterranean area and Asia Minor to central Asia (Petersen 1958b).


We do not have any reliable data about the biotope preferences, but the species is also found in settlements. The imagines fly in one generation from March till June (kurz & Kurz 2014).


-genitalia -genitalia    
Picture from: © Petersen 1958b
Detailed view
Picture from: © Petersen 1958b
Detailed view

Genitalia. Uncus bifid; arms of gnathos slender, bowed, terminally with peg; anellus with short lateral appendages; aedeagus inflated at basis, then slender, terminally slightly inflated again (Petersen 1958b).

Genitalia. Subgenital plate with numerous bristles; apophyses anteriores furcate, free ends loose; bursa copulatrix with signum (Petersen 1958b).

Worth knowing:


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Zeller, P. C. 1847. Verzeichniß der vom Prof. Dr. Loew in der Türkey und Asien gesammelten Lepidoptera. Isis von Oken 40: 3-39.

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Kurz Michael: 2012.08.26
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