N A T U R K U N D L I C H E S   I N F O R M A T I O N S S Y S T E M

Natural History Information System

presentation of the project:

From 1985 - 1987 Marion Kurz, Christof Zeller and Michael Kurz have mapped the community of Thalgau near Salzburg with respect to biotop types, being the first such mapping throughout Austria. Afterwards the programming of a database system has begun in order to efficiently evaluate the collected data. The concept has been continuousely developed and in the year 2001 the first website, www.penny-in-the-slot-machine.com, has started. 2004 the name has been changed to "NATURKUNDLICHES INFORMATIONSSYSTEM" (Natural History Information System), corresponding with the new web-adress www.nkis.info. The initiative, being private so far, has got a solid basis by the foundation of the "Naturkundliche Gesellschaft" (=Natural History Society) in 2008. The aims of this non profit organization are:

prizes and promotions:

  • Umweltschutzpreis Thalgau, 1987
  • Umweltschutzpreis Land Salzburg, 1987
  • Eduard-Paul-Tratz-Preis, Haus der Natur, Salzburg, 1996
  • Promotions by the Kulturfonds der Stadt Salzburg, 2006
  • Promotions by the Kulturfonds der Stadt Salzburg, 2009
  • Promotions by the Kulturfonds der Stadt Salzburg, 2013
  • Regionalitätspreis für Salzburg in der Kategorie Bildung und Forschung, 2017

publication list:

  • Kurz, M.A., M.E. Kurz & H.C. Zeller-Lukashort (1987): Lebensraum Thalgau (Biotopkartierung der Gemeinde Thalgau); 4+47+36 pp., 14 Karten
  • Kurz, M.A. (2002[2003]): NKIS - Naturkundliches Informationssystem; Beiträge zur Entomofaunistik 3: 190-191
  • C. Zeller-Lukashort, M.E. Kurz & M.A. Kurz (2007): Naturkundliches Informationssystem Querschnittsbetrachtungen, presentation, Haus der Natur, Salzburg
  • Kurz, M., Kurz, M. & C. Zeller-Lukashort (2007): www.nkis.info - Naturkundliches Informationssystem. - Nachrichtenblatt bayerischer Entomologen 56 (3/4): 116