TaxOn: Taxonomy Online

TaxOn is a platform for online publication of taxonomical descriptions. Its workflow processes of authoring, reviewing, change and release management are designed in accordance with the ISO 9000 series for documentation of quality management systems. Printing a hardcopy of released articles results in valid descriptions of new taxa according to international codes of nomenclature.

TaxOn's functions are listed below. To access them, you have to log in as a registered user.


Online authoring / editing process

As a registered user, one can create or edit descriptions to any chosen taxa according to the wiki-principle. Pictures can either be uploaded or referenced from partner sites. Once reviewers have been assigned to the paper, their comments can at any point be included. When both the authoring and reviewing processes are finished, one of the authors is enabled to set the release status of the document to 'true'.   => workflow process

Online reviewing process

Opening the personal review - list one finds all taxa for which one has been requested to be a reviewer by the author. By rejection, the taxon is cleared from the list and the author has to select another reviewer. Agreement, on the other hand, starts an interactive process of adding comments that are taken into account by the author. In addition, comments from other reviewers may be integrated. As soon as the paper is accepted by all reviewers, its release status may be set to 'true'.   => workflow process

Online release process

As soon as all reviewers have accepted a description, its release status may be set to 'true' by any of the authors. This is done by printing a hardcopy of the document. At that point, the present date is set as release date and the current version of the paper is stored and added to a version list. The document can repeatedly be printed or be converted to pdf [in preparation].   => workflow process

Automated change control

If a released document is to be edited again, a backup copy of the version is generated. The document is automatically assigned a new version number in chronological order and the release status is set 'false'. Re-release is not possible until the choosen reviewers have accepted the changes.   => workflow process